①Please get off at the East exit of JR Tsurumi Station

②You can see the Tsurumi police box on the left with the east exit backdrop. Turn left at that corner.
③You can see a brick-coloured road. Go straight down that road.

④Keep walking straight for about 30 seconds. And if you walk about 50 metres, you look at the とわ助産院midwifery centre to the right.

⑤The 2 neighbours of the midwifery’s building are our company. It is a building made of concrete materials. The autumn leaves tree is a landmark.

⑥Enter through the entrance to the left side of the front of the buildings. The intercom is on the left. Press the button 202 → Call

※If you use to Keikyu Tsurumi Station, please access the JR East Exit Rotary to get to this directions. ( About 3 minutes on foot)

For Those who use Elevators

①If you leave the east exit ticket gate of JR Tsurumi Station, go to the left

②Take the elevator to the right at the end of the road and get off to the first floor

③You get out of the elevator. Go along the left path.

④Turn left at the crossroads you see first. On the right, you can see the Midwifery Hospital.Then it will be the same route when you come from the tsurumi station east exit rotary.
⑤Press the intercom 202→call呼出 . After we open the door, go straight to the end and take the elevator at your right hand side to go up to the 2nd floor.
⑥You can see our entrance straight away when you get off the elevator. Welcome, please come in!